This class starts with a discussion about active shooter response and ends with several active shooter scenarios that will simulate a realistic event in a safe learning environment. Bring your gear and put it to the test! This class will challenge you and help you be prepared for the worst-case-scenario concealed carry situation. This is one of our most popular classes. 

Bromance Night / Ladies Night Out

This class starts a few hours before dark with our instructors helping you get hits out to 500 yards. Next we bring the Barrett .50 out for a spin. After the sun goes down and we build a fire, the night vision, infrared light, and thermal optics on suppressed rifles come out for fun. We then practice shooting out several hundred yards in the complete darkness! If you love guns, this class will truly be a night you'll remember forever.


Do you own a home or self-defense gun with a light and/or laser on it?Let our team teach you the ins and outs of using your light and laser in a safe environment that is both fun and extremely informative. This class is available during the day or at night and is sure to be great time!

Beginner Handgun Class

This beginner's class focuses on fundamentals and teaches you how to shoot safely and accurately. Shooters will come away from this class encouraged and confident in their new skills. This class is four hours long, and is held at either COSSA or on your private range. Handgun rentals available if needed.